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History of electroconditioners of water in fotos


Laboratory testing of electrosorption technology

1995 год

Approbation of the electrosorption installation in field conditions by German specialists when clearing the municipal sewage the village Grebbs, Potsdam, Germany) with participation of the companies Environtec GmbH and Axel Johnson GmbH.


Efficiency testing of the pilot electrosorption devices by Russian and German specialists (Berlin, company IWW GmbH)


First industrial party of electrosorption units with small output (Russia, Saint Petersburg)

2000 год

Mounting of electroconditioners “CASCADE ” ®, output up to 2000 liters per hour for 1 unit? autocamping near the lake Vandlitszee (Germany)

Installation of electroconditioners in the concreted mine

Installation in the mine, ready for operation


Participation in exhibitions and conferences


Installation of the electrocjnditioner "CASCADE" in the summer residence
of the firm "Eagle Group"
(Hamina (Finland)


Operation of electroconditioners for clearing potable water (lake Steped) and domestic sewage in severe conditions of Antarctica, the residential complex "Lena", the polar station "Progress")


Electroconditioner in the recreation for cleaning of water from the small river (area Priozersky, Leningrad region)
Manual washing is stipulated

2005 год

Electroconditioner in a cottage for water treatment from a underground chink in a settlement Toksovo (area Vsevolozhsky, Leningrad region); Equipped with an automatic system of washing


Automatic water treatment with “CASCADE” in the Palace of the Congresses («the palace Konstantinovsky»), St. Petersburg


System of water-preparation on the biggest pharmaceutical Factory "POLYSAN" (St. Petersburg)


Small model of an electrocondiioner "ELECON-4" in a country house, Moscow region, a residential house in the suburban town

2010 год

Middle model "CASCADE" in a house in Lytkarino, Moscow region


Installation of additional cleaning of tap water in the apartment house of an economy class in Lytkarino (the Moscow area)

2011 год

Installation of CASCADE units for additional cleaning tap water in the elite apartment house in Saint Petersburg